Good design should be a delicate interaction between a person and their environment, both exchanging energy thoughtfully and causing effortless use of the space.

maria gryllis

The foundation of Maria’s career all started with her attendance at The Whitehouse College where she studied Interior Design. Early on, she demonstrated a passion and natural flair for translating emotion through colour, form and function. Her residential and commercial furniture experience spanning over 15 years, then allowed her to understand the practicalities of fulfilling a clients’ brief and the importance of exceptional customer service. Her joy in connecting people and invoking excitement around her craft allows her to be a valuable creative partner for any design project.

Her personal style is continually evolving along with her genuine passion for art, music and travel. Such peripheral passions allow her style to remain current, vital and cheeky. Her confidence in colour theory also encourages her to consider unique design applications and always test boundaries. Her work,although clean and practical, always has top notes which stimulate the senses; whether that's richness in texture, interesting relationships between colour palettes or an effortless layered feel indicating a human element as well as tactility.

Most clients already have their own innate style. For some, it is prominent and well established. Others require the need for it to be summoned out respectfully and to be given the room to take form and express personality. My job is to hold space for creative and analytical thinking in even doses and to help clients bring concepts to life.


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